The Balancing Act

It is 11 something on a Thursday night and I find myself once again glued to my laptop…working. A concept that has left me unable to distinguish what day of the week it is and feeling guilty that the 3rd grade will consume my son while I stay busy drowning in marketing tasks.

But tonight feels a little different.

Last week, I gave my two week notice and for the first time I embraced the concept of leaving a job that no longer serves you. Giving my notice felt much like jumping out of a plane with no parachute but I did have a very large umbrella.

My husband would probably say I am an expert plane jumper at this point and always well equipped with the parachute of another job to guide me to the ground of financial security….or at least a consistent paycheck.

However, this time I decided to jump and hope for the best because there is no guaranteed job waiting for me on the other side of this. Instead, I decided to invest in me until the right time came for me to return to work.

Amusingly enough….that time may be sooner than I imagined. Because tomorrow I have two interviews. Two companies interested in me and I can only laugh.

When I have been unhappy with jobs in the past, I found myself searching for MONTHS before I even landed an interview that would eventually result in wasted time and gas money.

But the moment I step out of my comfort zone and just allow things to happen as they will….BOOM…recruiters flood my inbox.

I love marketing. I love helping small businesses grow. But as one client reminded me (while trying to convince me to stay), I have to do what is best for me. Unfortunately, trying to balance freelance clients, the clients of a marketing agency, and my coffee business is more than my mental health can handle.

Mix that with 3rd grade math…..and somehow I find myself on the emotional roller coaster of trying to be a patient and understanding parent while also being a burned-out adult who needs to finish working.

So for now, I am going to finish my last assignment and hopefully get more than 3 hours of sleep tonight. Wish me luck!

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