Are You Sharing Too Much Online?

In recent years, people have increasingly shared their vulnerabilities online while often seeking validation. The “trend” has become so popular that the term “sadfishing” was coined for those sharing performative content for likes.

Are You Defensive About Your Budget?

“Because of this, I am frequently asked to do far more work than the budget that the client has in mind. Can I do a 5000-word website content rewrite for $150? Sure! Will the client be happy with the results of that $150 project? Not likely. Because people overlook the important aspects of content writing…

The Balancing Act

It is 11 something on a Thursday night and I find myself once again glued to my laptop…working. A concept that has left me unable to distinguish what day of the week it is and feeling guilty that the 3rd grade will consume my son while I stay busy drowning in marketing tasks. But tonight…

Wait…So Who is Kristin?

Chrystyn’s Corner is the evolution of Chrystyn’s View. It is my story and views shared in a way that is not focused on being the next big thing in influencer land. But is influenced by the idea of not waiting for it to be perfect to share. It is also me stepping out of my…

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